finding feminism

For pretty much my entire adult life heretofore, I have struggled with self esteem issues that have led me into depression after depression, bulimia, anorexia, anxiety– the list goes on and on. It affected my relationships with people and got in the way of my professional life as well. It completely enveloped me.

I am a newbie to feminism, I will admit, but finding feminism has been the “life raft” in the ocean full of sexism, objectification, and misogyny. Since puberty, I have been inundated with messages from the media and people in my life that I am only as good as I look. Now, at age 26, it brings tears to my eyes to think of just how wrong I was and how many other young girls and women are as well. When it finally clicked– really clicked– I was finally set free from the confines of the beauty standard and was able to learn the power of accepting myself.

I wanted to start this blog to discuss not only the beauty standard, self image, etc but to also touch on the issues we face as women and intersectionally,like reproductive rights, homophobia, the wage gap and equal opportunities for advancement in the workplace.

I am new to this journey but would like to document every bit of it as I go along. Here is my story…   


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