Oppression, misogyny, entitlement, oh my!

Wow. It has been a rough few weeks for women. From the tragedy that struck at the hands of Elliot Rodger to the woman in China who was beaten to death inside of a McDonald’s for not giving her killers her phone number. Let’s not forget the kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls because they stand for progressive western education and a woman’s place, according to extremists, is in the home, serving her husband. I also spoke last week of Meriam Ibrahim who is being imprisoned and is sentenced to death because she is married to a Christian and women are not allowed to marry outside of their religion (They are taking the word of her brother that she is Muslim even though she was raised Christian and her marriage certificate says she is Christian) and she refuses to denounce Christianity. The oppression and male entitlement that has reared its ugly head lately has been overwhelming, to say the very least. I have felt helpless at times and so very angry that I have not even had the proper words. Is this progress? I’ve fervently signed petitions over the past few weeks, donated to the cause, and always held my breath when I opened my web browser, hoping I wasn’t faced with yet another disappointing article reminding me misogyny vehemently lives on.

When we are faced with such abhorrent news seemingly all the time, while it might be easy to simply shut down, it’s important that we keep moving forward and strive for progress. Remember that staying focused keeps you compassionate and keeps us converged. Remember that your voice counts and collectively, we can be heard. When mounting international outrage was voiced over Ibrahim in Sudan, initially the Sudanese government claimed she would be set free. Unfortunately, they retracted that statement and claim they are unsure. But human rights organizations believe that due to increasing pressure, her release is imminent and the US Embassy says they are “fully engaged” in the situation.

This is why we need feminism. As long as there is inequality and oppression around the world because… vagina… We. Need. Feminism. As long as people think this treatment is okay or celebrate this treatment, we. need. feminism.

Here’s a picture of a basket full of a kittens just because things have been rough.



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