meriam ibrahim has been released

I could cry tears of joy because Meriam Ibrahim and her two children have finally been released. As you may recall, she was sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery followed by a sentence of death for committing the crime of apostasy because she refused to renouce her Christian faith in Sharia-ruled Sudan. She and her husband, Daniel Wani, who is a US citizen, have plans to start life over in the USA. “Obviously this is good news and it shows that the appeals court sought to uphold rights. This is the outcome we were hoping for because there was a clear legal basis for releasing her…It’s quite possible that international pressure had an influence,” said Jehanne Henry of Human Rights Watch, Africa division.

The power of your voice can be mighty when joined together. The release of Meriam is just a small step towards reform that needs to happen but it is a step nonetheless. Let’s keep pressing forward, calling for more progressive change.

UPDATE: Meriam Ibrahim has been re-arrested at an airport only 1 day later while trying to leave the country of Sudan. No reasons have been given at this time for the detainment.


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