in which i defend miley

I feel bad for Miley. I really do. The poor girl (scratch that– woman) has barely entered adulthood and is constantly berated for every little thing she does. From what she wears to her “twerking”, she is ripped to shreds in the tabloids daily. Society has placed her on an unbelievably tall pedestal from her Disney channel days and while Miley, who has carefully crafted her new image in an effort to shed her child star persona, has long since left those days behind, we can’t let her live it down. “But what about the children?!” Ah, yes, won’t someone think of the children? I think it’s about time we stop trying to substitute celebrities as role models and let them do their job– which is to entertain us. It can be hard not to look up to a celebrity with their larger than life personalities, especially when you are young in this world and your thoughts and opinions are so easily malleable but that’s where you, dear parent, must step in. We forget that we have the greatest influence over our children, more than anyone else. Who is with us almost all of the time? Who is watching me freak out because this idiot in the blue car just cut me off? Who is watching me help this older gentleman with his groceries? It’s up to us to teach them their values, not a celebrity.

Above all, can we please remember Miley (and other celebs like her) is only human? She has lived her entire life in the spotlight and can you even imagine how difficult that must be? She’s also only 21 and to be honest, I would not want anyone judging my 21 year old self. I was kind of a mess. I was still figuring out who I was and I made a lot of mistakes. So let’s cut Miley some slack and give her some props for taking control of her image and becoming extremely successful in the process.


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